reap UK US /riːp/ verb [T]
to make a large amount of money or a big profit: »

Outside shareholders reaped 25% of the dividends generated.

reap $35 million/£1.9 billion, etc. »

His company has reaped more than $800 million in federal contracts over the past five years.


reap profits/returns/savings

reap benefits/rewards »

The Treasury has reaped rewards from rising house prices as its income from stamp duty and inheritance tax has soared.

to get the advantages of a particular situation: reap (the) benefits/rewards »

For now, the drop in the dollar against the euro is allowing the U.S. economy to reap rewards.


Vigorous participation in the European Union is vital if the country wants to reap the benefits of globalization.

reap dividends »

The healthy eating program is reaping dividends in terms of promoting better awareness of health issues in the community.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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